Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting Systems Installation in San Antonio, Texas

It doesn’t matter if you have a new, old, small, or large house; smart lighting is guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home.

Control4 smart lighting systems allow you turn on and off lighting multiple rooms or the entire hours with on tap, have the lights illuminate a dark kitchen, and turn off the lights automatically when no one is in the room. Your home can even have alternate lights to turn on and off while you are away.

If you have Control4 Smart Lighting you can also add Amazon Alexa enabled devices so that you can control all of your light with voice commands.

Imagine being able to dim the lights while you are having dinner or turn the lights on when you are walking into a dark kitchen carrying a handful of groceries. What about when you are in bead and really don’t feel like getting up to turn off the light?


Smart lighting has no boundaries. You can have them installed indoors or outdoors. Exterior smart lighting can turn on and off in unison with the sunrise and the sunset. You can also set perimeter lights to flash if your security alarm system is triggered.


The comfort and convenience of smart lighting is just a phone call away.

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