Design & Installation

Home Automation Design and Installation Services in San Antonio, Texas

Our team of expert designers and installers can customize a home automation solution that allows every point of a smart home to be connected and controlled via a central location.

Our home automation solutions may include gateways and sensors to provide centralized control of lighting, climate control, appliances, security cameras to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, and security.

Here at Home Tech we believe in creating beautiful and functional home automation designs.

We will coordinate virtually all the connected devices in the home to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize lighting, entertainment, comfort, and peace of mind.

All the control at your fingertips

With one touch, homeowners can dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors, and arm the security system. Or, their house can respond to their schedule and needs without touching anything at all.

We believe that everything is better when it works together and when you add Control4 to your services.


From concept to creation we will ensure that every aspect of your unique project is completely just right.

It easy to get started simply call us at (210) 399-4573 to schedule

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